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MotoGP Czech Republic Ticket Collection Information


If your delivery method is on-site pick up, your order for the 2017 MotoGP Czech Republic Grand Prix is scheduled to be collected at the event, at the Accreditation Centre. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE ACCREDITATION CENTER IS LOCATED 4 KM FROM THE CIRCUIT (find directions below).


Directions to the Accreditation Centre:

Coming from the Highway D1 (E50), both from Brno and Praha, take Exit 178 and follow the road towards Ostrovacice. After approximately 0.5 km, you will find the City Hall on your left-hand side, where the Accreditation Centre is located.

Directions to the Circuit from the Accreditation Centre:
0.0 km: Leave the Accreditation Centre towards “Zebetín”.
0.3km: Turn left and enter “Zebetínská” street and follow straight.
3.6 km: Turn right and enter the Circuit Area.
4.6 km: Paddock Entrance.



Brno Accreditation Centre Adress: 

City Hall of Ostrovacice
Square - námestí Viléma Mrstíka 54 t
Czech Republic



How do I get there?

The on-site ticket collection point is located at the ACCREDITATION CENTRE. Please refer to the map and instructions below for further directions. Click on the map to see a bigger version.









When Can I collect my tickets?

The Ticket Collection booth is open:

Thur 3 August: 09:00 - 17:00
Fri 4 August: 08:30 - 17:00
Sat 5 August: 08:30 - 18:00
Sun 6 August: 07:45 - 13:00



Important: What you need to bring

It is mandatory for you to present an electronic or printed version of your e-voucher when you arrive to collect your tickets. Make sure to: 

- Please download your e-Voucher from the "My Account" section of the Gootickets Website.

- Bring a printed copy fo the e-Voucher

- Bring a Valid ID document (ID Card, Passport, Driver's licence).


If your tickets are to be collected by a friend, family member or other third party:

- Please send an email to stating the person's name.

- Make sure this person brings the e-voucher and a photocopy of your ID.

- This person will also have to bring his/her own ID.


Please note that Tickets that are not collected will not be refunded. 


We wish you a fantastic time in Brno!


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